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New Products-

I'm excited to announce new products arriving March 1st.

Luck O' The Irish Tiramisu is SO yummy and quite popular with my taste testing friends and family. This tiramisu is made with Bailey's Irish Cream and provides a more subtle flavor. "Bailey's is the sweetest meeting of fine Irish whiskey and spirits, Irish dairy cream, and rich chocolate and vanilla flavors (from" This addition to my Italian espresso is flavorful and lovely! I include a touch of green food coloring to the center and sprinkle green sugar crystals on top instead of the traditional cocoa powder, resulting in a fun St. Patty's Day look.

Malibu Rum Tiramisu provides you with a sweeter tiramisu experience. This tiramisu is made with Malibu rum that provides the sweet taste of coconut liqueur. This rich, flavorful blend of sweet coconut and island rum added to my Italian espresso results in a different flair to my tiramisu and it just may become your favorite.

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